Because the body heals itself

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In today's competitive market, customer satisfaction is our highest priority

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We strive to offer patients renewed hope and an improved quality of life

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Our mission is to provide cost-effective wound care solutions to all who need it

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Studies of competing market products set a new standard for wound management

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Medifil® II

Medifil® II particles are spherically designed and consist of 100% bovine, native collagen prepared using our proprietary Kollagen™ technology.

SkinTemp® II

SkinTemp® II Dressings contain 100% native collagen, in the non-hydrolyzed form.  The unique technology of HBS keeps the collagen intact so that the bandages comprise a fibrous network.  

Collatek ™ Collagen Gel

Human BioSciences will be launching a collagen gel product in the near future.