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Human BioSciences (HBS) Inc. is a specialty biotechnology company, focused on the use of collagen in wound care management.  HBS is an integral developer, manufacturer, and seller of advance wound care products in the form of dressings and particles, popularly known as SkinTemp™ II Dressings and Medifil™ II Particles worldwide. The headquarters and main production facility is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  It is FDA-compliant.

The proprietary “Kollagen
” technology developed by the company CEO, Dr. Manoj Jain, is being utilized in countries such as Taiwan and India through technology transfer agreements, establishment of manufacturing plants, and export of products.

HBS believes in providing innovative and affordable healthcare solutions through biotechnology. HBS understands the importance of improved wound healing and remodeling at the basic molecular level. Through it's advanced wound care products, Human BioSciences strives to deliver quality products to ensure complete satisfaction of clinicians and patients.

HBS aims to advance its leadership position in the field of advanced wound care products by utilizing its unique proprietary technology. HBS currently produces a range of advanced wound care products, including collagen particles, collagen dressings, and collagen wound fillers using its proprietary technology.  This technology has enabled HBS to position itself as the single producer of the highest quality collagen wound care products on the market.