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Effective Wound Care Products To Avoid Further Problems

Jul, 11, 2012

Getting hurt is one of the most common things that can happen to a person. Going by the common phrase that ‘Accidents are inevitable’, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Wounds can be really painful and if not cured in time, may get worse. Consequently, Wound Care is important for quick healing.

The Purpose of Quality Wound Care Products

Jul, 04, 2012

With the progression of medical technologies and treatments, Advanced Wound Care is surely one of the major phenomena of the medical sector.In earlier times, the Wound Care Products consisted of herbs, leaves, spider webs, ointments (made of animal fats and plant secretions) and clean water.

Wound Dressings - Hydrocolloids

Jul, 03, 2012

Hydrocolloid is a type of bandages used in the process of dressing. They come in the different shapes, sizes and forms like powder, gel and sheets. Powder and gel are used to fill the wounds whereas sheets are used to cover the wound.

Important Wound Care Tips

May, 29, 2012

In everyday life, people come across different situations. Wounds and injuries are quite common and part of the day-to-day life of individuals. Wounds can either be in the form of a stab or cut or it may be severe. Apposite and timely treatment is required for the effective recovery of the patient.

Know About Collagen Wound Dressings

May, 29, 2012

Collagen Dressings are a common component in the medical and healthcare industry. These dressings play an intrinsic part in wound healing and repairing injury.

Collagen Wound Care Dressings

May, 29, 2012

Collagen is a key component present in the skin tissue which aids the wound healing process. Collagen plays an intrinsic role in blood clotting and stopping further blood loss. Though collagen is a naturally occurring protein, yet it is necessary to administer collagen externally in certain adverse situations.

Kollagen™ Technology

May, 18, 2012

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