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Human BioSciences (HBS) has been in the wound care business since 1990.  Under the name BioCore, HBS developed the first collagen wound dressings. HBS's collagen wound care dressings were the first advanced wound care products on the market and continue to be the highest quality wound dressings available today.

Company CEO Dr. Manoj Jain’s first endeavor outside the United States was in 2001, when a contract to establish a production plant in Taiwan on a turn-key basis was confirmed.  The plant currently produces cosmetics and wound care products based on “Kollagen” technology for the government owned Taiwan Salt Co. (now known as Taiyen Biotech Ltd). The project was successfully implemented and today Taiyen Biotech has established five manufacturing plants.


Human BioSciences, Inc., was renamed in 2004 around its initial Kollagen products SkinTemp™ (Dressings) and Medifil™ (Particles). The new advanced version of these products are now known as SkinTemp™ II and Medifil™ II.  SkinTemp is an advanced wound dressing comprised of collagen fibers and Medifil is an advanced wound filler comprised of collagen particles.

HBS currently produces and sells SkinTemp™ II and Medifil™ II, produced in a US FDA compliant  production facility in Maryland, USA.