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Nov, 08, 2017

Product :All of them!

They were great!

Post By : Matthew


Nov, 10, 2013

Product :AESF86UNyCXn

In the past, i havde wasted money and got nonhitg out of them, your training is an exception, I got my moneys’ worth and I am totally equipped. more grease to your elbows!

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Wound Healed With Skin Temp for a Amputated Diabetic Foot

Aug, 01, 2012

Product :Skin Temp

I used Skin Temp for the Dressing for a Diabetic Amputated Foot patient Female 58 years. With 12 Dressings the wound completely healed. By the way i am working in Human Biosciences, India, My head quarter is Chennai. I got very good respect and good command over our product. Feel happy to be a Part of HBS. Thanks to Mr.Abhay Gosavi. So, Many cases we cured with Medifila nd Skin Temp. If you want photograph i can send you to support. Thanks

Post By : Selvam Joseph Watts

Using the products

Sep, 14, 2011

Product :SkinTemp II Sheets and Medifil II Particles

Both these products are very easy to use and give amazingly faster results, especially in burns and diabetic foot ulcers

Post By : Dr Kanubhai Gandhi