A New Direction and Healthcare

Human Biosciences has established a high-tech standard in wound care with state-of-the-art Kollagen™ technology. in the rapidly changing healthcare environment, clinicians must deliver improved treatment outcomes by utilizing new technologies. Human Biosciences presents the following information on the science, patient, and industry issues that clinicians encounter when treating wounds.

Cutting Edge Wound Care Technology

Human Biosciences Kollagen™ technology is advanced wound care that. clinicians now have access to. This technology is based on intact/native collagen – the body’s natural healing material.
Medifil II collagen particles and Skin Temp II collagen sheets are cutting-edge wound management products that help clinicians achieve wound closure and provide their patients with new hope for an improved quality of life.
Human Biosciences invites partners in care to gain a greater understanding of collagen technology and the current issues affecting wound care.

Collagen Technology Establishes New Standard