Cellusheet® Collagen Sheet


Perfect for wounds that need cover; body recognizes collagen and kick-starts the healing process.

30 years ago, Human BioSciences, Inc.’s proprietary Kollagen™ technology changed the wound care industry. Now available over the counter, Cellusheet® utilizes the same 100% non-hydrolyzed Type 1 Bovine collagen previously only available through medical facilities. These products retain more of the protein’s natural triple helical structure which helps the body build new tissue. Your body can easily absorb more of the bioavailable essential proteins to optimize tissue regeneration through all four wound healing phases.


Indication for use:

Cellusheet® is intended for the topical management of minor abrasions, minor cuts, minor lacerations and minor burns. Choose a size sheet slightly larger than the open wound area.

Product Application:



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All of our proprietary Kollagen™ products are made of 100% native, non-hydrolyzed type I bovine hide collagen. Do not use any of these products if you have a known sensitivity to bovine collagen.