Collatek® Gel

Kollagen Advanced Wound Care Gel

Collatek® Gel

Collatek® Gel is collagen in a viscous gel form.  Collatek® is a sterile collagen gel that encourages healing by donating moisture to the wound. Wounds heal best in a moist wound environment. Collatek® Gel  can be used with our Medifil II collagen particles in hard to reach areas in wounds (tunneling and undermining). Collatek® Gel is beneficial for partial and full thickness wounds.



Partial-thickness wounds – Loss involving epidermis, dermis, or both. Shallow open ulcer. Red/pink wound bed, without slough or eschar.

Full thickness wounds – Loss of epidermis, dermis, into subcutaneous tissue or extending to muscle, tendon, and bone. Subcutaneous fat may or may not be visible. Slough and or eschar may or may not be present. Collagen can be used in wounds with scattered slough or eschar.

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All of our proprietary Kollagen™ products are made of 100% native, non-hydrolyzed type I bovine hide collagen. Do not use any of these products if you have a known sensitivity to bovine collagen.