Medifil® II

Kollagen Advanced Wound Care Particle

Medifil® II

Medifil® II is Kollagen™ in particle form. The particles have a high surface area, allowing them to effectively penetrate and deliver the maximum amount of Kollagen™ into the wound surface. Medifil® II is 100% non-hydrolyzed type 1 bovine native collagen. Human BioSciences, Inc.’s proprietary Kollagen™ technology process protects and retains significantly more native triple helical protein structure, thus allowing superior stability of the molecule and scaffolding through all four phases of wound healing.

Medifil-II Collagen Product

Indication for use:

Thie device is intended for the management of burns, sores, blisters, scrapes, ulcers, and other wounds.

Product Application:

Dressing wear time should be based on the condition of the wound and clinical assessment. Always consult a physician for changes in wound condition and treatment plan monitoring and follow up.



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All of our proprietary Kollagen™ products are made of 100% native, non-hydrolyzed type I bovine hide collagen. Do not use any of these products if you have a known sensitivity to bovine collagen.