Kollavet Collagen Gel

Kollavet® Advanced Wound Care Collagen Gel

Kollavet® Collagen Gel

Safe & Natural BioActive Triple Helical Collagen

Kollavet® Collagen gel is the next generation of medical-grade higher nativity of collagen for healing minor or major animal wounds. Our collagen products are designed to help animal wounds heal quickly and naturally. Kollavet gel is viscous and keeps its shape, allowing it to be used to donate moisture and as a wound filler.  Kollavet products are safe, natural, and effective.  Appropriate for small to large draining wounds. Kollavet products are safe and effective for surgical sites, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, burns, footpad injuries, hot spots, and lick granulomas.


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All of our proprietary Kollagen™ products are made of 100% native, non-hydrolyzed type I bovine hide collagen. Do not use any of these products if you have a known sensitivity to bovine collagen.