Overview of Kollagen Products

Overview of Kollagen™ Products

col•la.gen* \käll-a -jen (1992): 1. the most prevalent protein in the animal kingdom responsible for the structure and integrity of most tissues. 2. form: a protein containing domains of triple-helical conformation. Characterized by repetitive Gly-X-Y sequences where glycine is in every third residue, and stabilized by proline and hydroxyproline residues. 3. function: a protein that participates in formation of extracellular aggregates which are primarily supporting elements.
– Wound Healing published by W.B. Saunders Co., Kelman C. M.D., et al. (eds.)
kol•la.gen \källo -jen (1994): a superior wound dressing material made of collagen in the proper triple-helical conformation, properly assembled in aggregates specific for the skin.

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