Human BioSciences, Inc.

HBS has been designing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing advanced collagen-based wound care products for over thirty years. SkinTemp® II and Medifil® II are examples of HBS’s ability to convert laboratory concepts into exceptional, marketable advanced wound care products. HBS’s proprietary, FDA cleared and Medicare reimbursable Kollagen™ products are revolutionizing the wound care industry by reducing healing times, treatment costs, amputation rates, and wound recurrence while increasing quality of life.

Partnerships and joint ventures are a key part of our mission to help heal wounds. WE SEEK NEW PARTNERS TO GROW WITH US!

Human Biosciences USA Partner


Human Biosciences USA Partner

In addition to supplying the market with our own branded products, we are the largest and lowest cost OEM of collagen wound care products in the US. HBS has an economical supply of premium raw materials and is vertically integrated, allowing us to offer and pass along amazing savings to our partners. We supply many of the largest brands on the market. We and are now seeking additional distribution partners that wish to benefit from our top quality product, long history of reliability and market leading production efficiencies.

If you are interested in discussing distribution partnerships or our OEM capabilities and pricing, please contact Jigar Patel, Vice President of Operations, at

HBS International


HBS is perfectly positioned to offer an attractive joint venture opportunity to potential partners. Armed with a streamlined supply chain, proprietary manufacturing systems, life-changing products and a strong local partner, we can create an unmatched competitive turn-key wound care device manufacturing firm in any country.

HBS is ISO certified and has established manufacturing and quality assurance systems which are regularly audited by the FDA. HBS’s Kollagen™ products are all FDA approved through a 510(k) process.

Along with providing its technical knowledge and product expertise, HBS is a full partner in the JV. We provide support at every step along the way to mitigate risk and ensure successful returns.

Our participation includes:


Along with its proprietary ingredients, HBS can supply its JVs with the highest quality raw material in the collagen-based wound care industry at the market’s lowest price. HBS has an economical supply of premium raw material and is vertically integrated, allowing it to offer and pass along amazing savings to its partners. Decades of experience guarantee a smooth knowledge-transfer and continued support to JV partners.


HBS can provide financing on attractive terms for all equipment purchases.

Offtake Agreement

HBS will commit to providing the option to purchase a certain amount of the joint venture facility’s unfinished products on concrete financial terms for a definable period. This limits start-up risk and guarantees an earlier break-even point for the joint venture company.

Turnkey Manufacturing Operation

HBS will help the joint venture company purchase all equipment and controls necessary to process, manufacture, inspect and package products as per HBS’s established procedures. The equipment shall conform to HBS’s proprietary designs and shall be similar to or improved from the equipment HBS uses in its own factories.

Assistance in Obtaining Product Approval

HBS will support the JV in the preparation of regulatory approval documents in accordance with national and international standards. Further, if local regulations allow, HBS will provide the joint venture company with all data necessary to use HBS’s approval in the USA as a basis for approval in the joint venture country. HBS will also continue to provide its expertise throughout the regulatory process.

Assistance with Land and Building Site Selection

Harnessing and scaling Kollagen™ technology requires facilities that can adhere to the strictest manufacturing and environmental controls. Accordingly, HBS will assist the JV in the selection of the location and factory specifications.

Current Partnerships

Human Biosciences Taiwan Partner


Human Biosciences Taiwan Partner

HBS has a successful technology partnership with Taiyen Biotech, a public-sector organization in Taiwan. The over 20-year old partnership between HBS with CTCI Corporation (中鼎集團) and Taiyen Biotech, formerly under Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation (TSIC), is a testament to the global applicability of HBS’s R&D capabilities. HBS assisted Taiyen Biotech by supplying Kollagen™ technology, building the plant & machinery and setting up quality assurance protocols on a turnkey basis.


Human Biosciences India Partner

Human BioSciences India Ltd. (“HBS India”) is a subsidiary of HBS which began operations in 2011. HBS India has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, as well as an ultra-modern lab for new product development and contract research, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are partnering with major medical distributors to leverage several unique technologies developed and manufactured in India.

If you are interested in discussing international joint venture or distribution partnerships please contact at or Dr. Gerhard Goebel, International Business Development, at

Human Biosciences India Partner