As a Professional Clinical Wound Specialist, Medifil® II and SkinTemp® II In dealing with complex wounds, both products works like a piece of a puzzle, its always the small pieces that makes the big picture. An enormous amount of improvement a week after the application of Medifil® II / SkinTemp® II which is mutually satisfying between me and my patients.
Thank You Human Biosciences
Hope Earl R. Bucog
Clinical Wound Specialist
Kollagen brand non-hydrolyzed collagen particles are our go-to Type 1 collagen for our community-based limb salvage program. Patients benefit from time-efficient wound healing of all types of wound etiologies when applying the particles in synergy with adequate wound hygiene and other wound debridement modalities. The particles are versatile for use in different wound conformations- use dry or in a slurry with saline dependent upon the water activity of the wound bed. We especially use them for tunneling and undermining with packing textiles, frequency depends on wound exudate and dressing turnover due to same.
Traci Kimball
Denver, Colorado
Patient with a tumor in his eye. Suffers from untreated epilepsy. One of the episodes caused a vast amount of damage, leaving him Paraplegic and unconscious. He is being hospitalized at home, bedridden, and ventilated. Fed through the peg. He developed a pressure ulcer in the left trochanter that deteriorated due to incontinence. We began treating the wound when it was exuding, infected, and covered by biofilm. 4 cm depth, 5 cm width, 4.4 cm length. Categorized as stage 4. At first, the wound was cleaned for three weeks, three times a day with an antibacterial solution, and treated with topical dressings. Once the tissue was red but still deep, it was decided to treat with Medifil® II particles. The Medifil® II is known to help granulation in order to create new tissue. Due to the challenge of deep injury, with tunnels, there was an additional advantage to the fact that the Medifil® II is a particle solution that can get into the tunneled areas of the wound. Using the Medifil® II particles, we were able to bring the wound to a full closure, a month after we began to use it. Currently, there is a very gentle scar left. The edges are clean and tight.
Head Nurse of Home Wound Care
R-Cure Medical Ltd.
Shoham, Israel
I am quite impressed as well as surprised that such a huge heel ulcer had healed in just eight weeks without surgery using Medifil® II only. We've used the SkinTemp® II since 2004 for more than 50 indicated burns patients. We have several clinical studies including clinical photos of these patients with satisfactory results.
Dr. Ramakant H.Bembde
M.S., M.Ch., D.N.B., MNAMS
Tata Mem. Hospital