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Which Collagen Product to Choose?

All of Human Biosciences’ products contain native non-hydrolyzed Type1 bovine collagen in its
purest form. The native triple helix protein structure is preserved, delivering the highest
bioavailability to the wound bed allowing for better and faster healing rates. Currently, HBS offers
3 modes of delivery for Kollagen™ technology: Collatek® Gel, SkinTemp® II Sheets, and
Medifil® II Collagen Particles.

Which product to choose will depend on the wound’s current presentation:
  1. Collatek® Gel is collagen in the form of a viscous gel. Collatek® is a sterile collagen gel that promotes wound healing by donating moisture to the wound, without causing maceration. This gel is ideal for a dry wound and may assist with removing scattered slough. Find out more at
  2. SkinTemp® II is Kollagen™ in sheet form. The dressings are porous collagen membranes that are designed to be permeable and breathable, with fluid control similar to skin. The sheet is appropriate for laying into a larger surface wound bed. It can be cut to fit the shape of the wound and placed into tunneling or undermining. It can be layered to fill a larger cavity but should be placed directly onto the wound bed surface. Find out more here:
  3. Medifil® II Collagen Particles is a Kollagen™ product that gives a wound both biological and physical qualities. The particles have a larger surface area than the standard sheet dressing, allowing the particles to effectively penetrate the greater wound surface area with each application. Collagen particles will deliver the maximum quantity of collagen to the wound which makes Medifil® the appropriate choice for your most chronic complicated cases. Find out more here:
Human BioSciences, Inc. USA is customer-driven manufacturing of medical-grade pharmaceutical wound care solutions. HBS’ manufacturing expertise has made the company the lowest cost manufacturer of collagen wound care products in existence. Non-prescription direct to consumer products for treatment of minor skin injuries will be available soon.
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