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Collagen-Supplements Help Wound-Healing

Can Collagen Supplements Help Wound Healing?

As we become older, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, making it more prone to damage. Aging causes a decrease in fibroblasts, collagen synthesis, and an increase in collagen degradation. Skin will become more dry, making it impair the skin’s barrier function. Collagen loss starts between 18 and 29 years old. After age 40, collagen loss is approximately one percent loss a year. By the age 80, collagen loss can decrease up to 75 percent.

Studies show that nutritional supplements containing collagen peptides can help reduce skin vulnerability in the elderly therefore, be considered a preventative in conditions like skin tears. Collagen acts as a scaffold in our connective tissues. This is normally in its type I, II, and III forms. Type III collagen is laid down first in the early stages of wound healing. Type I collagen then increases during scar formation and remodeling. Intake of collagen peptides (highly absorbable) show therapeutic effects for pressure injuries, but it is unknown whether they can protect the skin from pressure injuries.

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