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Lymphedema Awareness Month Extends Through all of March.

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that affects the lymphatic system, resulting in swelling of the affected limbs and often leading to open wounds in the skin if left untreated. Lymphedema may be a congenital issue caused by a parasitic infection or resulting from surgery or radiation treatments. People with lymphedema will require routine, consistent compression bandaging to support the lymphatic system and prevent further damage to the integumentary system and physical mobility decline.

Wounds are commonly associated with progressive lymphedema due to excessive interstitial fluid leaking through the skin’s surface. Drainage can break down dermal tissue and potentially cause a deal of trouble in healing with an increased risk for infection. Wound drainage needs to be managed in concert with compression to maximize healing for people with lymphedema. Specialized training exists for certified lymphedema specialists, including manual lymphatic drainage and complete decongestive therapy with wrapping techniques and often includes an aspect of wound care treatments as needed.

Utilizing collagen wound care dressing under compressive wraps will serve several benefits. Collagen wound dressings improve wounds faster due to their bioactive and biocompatible nature. Collagen helps to absorb excess drainage, which activates the product and encourages absorption into the wound for building new granulation tissue. Collagen structure is needed to produce a strong foundation of healthy, strong scarred tissue. Lymphedema is a constant struggle and previously open wounds are at higher risk for recurrence; therefore, developing strong tissue is significantly essential.
All of Human Biosciences’ products contain native non-hydrolyzed Type -1 bovine collagen in its purest form to deliver highly compatible natural Kollagen™ technology. SkinTemp® II Collagen Sheets would be suitable for coverage of flat, shallow surfaces, and Medifil® II Collagen Particles appropriately fill a cavity with irregular depths. Both sheets and particles could be used in conjunction with compressive wraps or garments and improve wear time, hygiene by absorbing wound drainage and improving wound healing time.
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