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How Purchasing Directly From The Manufacturer Can Impact Cost-Effectiveness

Advanced wound care dressings have a significant impact on the total cost of care. This is essential since chronic wounds affect roughly 6.5 million individuals and cost up to $25 billion per year to treat. Wound dressing formulations are frequently classified as medical devices rather than drugs, depending on the plan design.
Several factors are driving the increased need for wound care, including the rising frequency of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune disorders; the predicted increase in surgical operations; and a greater focus on reducing hospital stays.
All clinical care settings, struggle to minimize costs under a single reimbursement system. However, simplified while maintaining high-quality care. Implementing a cost-cutting strategy can be achieved by using a manufacturer. Identifying your facility’s goals, evaluating your wound care formulary, and collaborating with a vendor who can meet all of your skincare and wound dressing needs will help you maintain wound management costs as low as possible.

How Manufacturers Can Support Your Practice or Facility Cost Containment

The most significant information is that the product’s manufacturer is an expert. Furthermore, manufacturers are involved in every stage of design and production, so they are familiar with every element and feature of a product. They offer the greatest guidance to each customer looking to make a purchase that meets their needs. When you go to a manufacturer to acquire a product, you are looking for specialist assistance as well as a variety of selections from a wide range of products.


  • Lower costs.
  • Purchase products in small or larger volume quantities.
  • Build a relationship with the manufacturer.
  • Direct feedback from the customer.
  • Better shipping and quality oversight.

Setting Goals in Your Facility of Private Practice

  • Make use of just one vendor. Compare pricing while weighing unit cost, use, and product consequences.
  • Choose wound dressings from every dressing category and keep them stocked.
  • Educate your employees on wound dressing categories rather than brand names.
  • Educate your nursing staff on HOW and WHEN to use the products using a simple methodology.
  • Learn how sales representatives and vendors may assist your practice or facility.


Human BioSciences, Inc. USA is customer-driven manufacturing of medical-grade pharmaceuticals wound care solutions, and non-prescription consumer products. HBS’ manufacturing expertise has made the company the lowest cost manufacturer of collagen wound care products in existence.

Consumers incur considerable, unneeded out-of-pocket expenses as a result of these and similar items. Patients with active wounds, particularly those with high-deductible health plans, may postpone or avoid using these products completely because of their high cost. They may be more susceptible to infections, scars, and a longer healing period as a result of this. Sponsors of plans are also impacted. Wound care goods with a high price tag are a subset of a larger financial exposure to high-priced, low-value products on the market.

We’ve designed, developed, and operated state-of-the-art collagen and other product manufacturing facilities all over the world. FDA CGMP current revision, ISO 13485, and Drug Controller of India medical device standards are all met at our facilities.

Human BioSciences, Inc. blog offers education and tips; however,the information provided by this website or company is not a substitute for medical treatment or advice.

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