Contract Research Services


Our labs and facilities are staffed by scientific, product development, manufacturing, supply chain, regulatory and media experts. If you are seeking medical device development, research support, or other business needs, HBS stands ready to guide and execute the process from concept to prototype to market-ready product.

The process begins with a written inquiry or use this convenient form to delineate your needs for contract research. We can provide any or all of the following core contract research services as you may require.


Prototype development from ideation to scientific research to the creation of the physical products.

Packaging design and sourcing of materials to meet customer, regulatory, and logistical requirements.

Documentation of the product development process and creation of a design history file.

Preparation of written regulatory approval applications for submission to the FDA.

Identification and implementation of all necessary product testing protocols to meet all product performance standards and regulatory approval requirements.

Project management to meet tight deadlines for bringing new products to market.

Design and implementation of manufacturing processes in our facility or yours to scale production up from lab to pilot to mass production.

Protection of intellectual property, including preparation and submission of patent applications and trademark registration.

Design of advertising, marketing, and promotional materials to maintain compliance with FDA and FTC guidelines.