Diabetic Case Study #8

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Patient Details


52-year-old with diabetes (type II) presented with right metatarsal ulcer measuring 2x2x<0.2cm non-healing for months. Full thickness wound with 100% adherent yellow slough with moderate serosanguineous exudate. Periwound maceration noted. Slight odor after cleansing. Nutritional status fair.

Application of Collagen Products:

Oral antibiotics used in early treatment of wound infection. Swab aerobic culture performed with final identification of organism grown Klebsiella spp present. Xray also done showing diabetic foot osteomyelitis (DFO). Right 5th toe was partially amputated due to DFO. Initial application of Medifil® II collagen particles on 10/9/2020. Frequency of dressing change was every 48 hours. Collagen particles covered with non-woven gauze dressing.

Clinical Outcomes:

Wound fully healed post partial amputation 11/9/2020.

Clinical Study References: