Diabetic Case Study #10

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Patient Details


82-year-old with uncontrolled diabetes (type II) presented with a severe infection to the right plantar aspect of foot. Dr. Marunraj predicted a partial amputation and proved to be wrong after good wound care treatment regime. This wound was during covid-19 pandemic.

Application of Collagen Products:

Oral antibiotics and antimicrobial dressing used in early treatment of wound infection. Initial application of Medifil® II collagen particles on 12/22/2019. SkinTemp® II Kollagen™ sheets later started with notable granulation and to manage exudate levels. Frequency of dressing change was every 48 hours and later frequency of change to every three days. Collagen dressings covered with non-woven gauze dressing.

Clinical Outcomes:

Wound fully healed 4/1/2020.

Clinical Study References: