Diabetic Case Study #2

Trauma Injury with Diabetes

Patient Details


Patient 47 years old with history of diabetes and endured a trauma bush thorn injury to right lateral heel on 9/4/2020. Wound measurements 0.3x4x0.4cm. Full thickness wounds with 100% yellow slough and moderate purulent exudate. Slight odor after wound cleansing. Debridement performed and the initial treatment an antimicrobial agent was used.

Application of Collagen Products:

Application of Medifil® II Kollagen™ particles started on 9/4/2020 with every 48 hours frequency of dressing change. Good wound care cleansing and physician monitoring. There was notable developing granulation and showed signs of wound healing.

Clinical Outcomes:

9/11/2020 wound fully healed. 100% epithelialization.

Clinical Study References: