Burn Case Study #1

Electrical Burn

Patient Details


A 38y/o Male an Electrician was burned by a transformer burst. He was admitted at Sri Devi Hospital, Koyambedu. Chennai on 10/19/2011.
The injury was a 2nd degree burn over 40% of his body mostly the trunk and arm.

Application of Collagen Products:

Dr. K. R. Badri Narayanan M.S applied SkinTemp-II® 6”x8” 10 sheets and covered with secondary dressings on 10/22/2011 Reapplication after 48 hours SkinTemp-II® 3 sheets required. 10/27/2011 on dressing change wound was noted to be closed.

Clinical Outcomes:

Wound closure after 3 applications of SkinTemp-II ® only 9 days after initial burn injury. The burn area continued to mature and noted to have minimal scarring on the final follow up 1/8/2013.

First Treatment:

Second Treatment- after 48 hours:

Transferred to the regular hospital ward :

Follow up Pic 21.01.2012 (90 Days):

Follow pic on 01.07.2013:

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