Intact Triple-Helical Collagen Matrix

Intact Triple-Helical Collagen: The Kollagen™ Difference


Evidence-based practice and literature show the benefit and importance of intact triple-helical collagen in skin repair, tissue repair, and wound healing. Human BioSciences is continuously researching ways to extend the near-certain wound healing progress of our Kollagen™ branded products to the wound repair, skincare, and cosmetic market space. Our trademark protein technology when paired with cutting-edge delivery mechanisms, provides superiority in bioactive collagen-based products. Because we have mastered skin proteins, we can design and deliver ECM peptides at therapeutic doses in the form of various premier beauty and rejuvenation products. Human BioSciences takes pride in combining outcome-based research products with deliverable perception-driven marketing of Kollagen™ Technology Advanced Wound Care, Skincare, and Beauty products.


Native collagen type I can be extracted from different sources, however, the main source of extraction is bovine because of its availability as well as its biocompatibility. Collagen extraction can be carried out from different tissues such as bones, tendons, lung tissue, or even connective tissue. Native is collagen in its “purest form”. Non-hydrolyzed collagen retains significantly more native triple helical protein structure, therefore allowing superior stability of the molecule and scaffolding in wound healing. It is vital that collagen retains its triple helix shape to enhance thermal durability, mechanical strength, and ability to engage in precise interactions with other biomolecules.


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