Diabetic Case Study #5

Non-healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Limb Salvage

Patient Details


A 68-year-old male with DFU infection to joint capsule with suspected osteomyelitis. Patient was informed by physician of possible plan to amputate limb. A multidisciplinary team approach included a general and orthopedic surgeon. Patient’s wife and daughter are also physicians in Malaysia.

Application of Collagen Product(s)

Initial application of both Medifil® II Kollagen™ particles and SkinTemp® II Kollagen™ sheets were used on 9/30/12. Collagen particles were used in the deeper areas. There was notable progress by 10/2/12. Debridement of hyperkeratosis and epibole were performed 10/18/12 by Mr. Selvam Watts. The patient was encouraged to stay in a house and offload the area. Consistent wound cleansing and dressing changes were provided by the family who was emotional over potential limb loss. The last dressing was performed by Mr. Watts on 11/12/12 due to the patient traveling from India to Malaysia to be with family and purchased collagen products to take with him.

Clinical Outcomes:

Wound fully healed 1/21/13. 100% epithelialization to plantar region.

Clinical Study References: