Pressure Injury Case Study #2

Non-healing Infected Ulcer due to Ortho Implant

Patient Details


42-year-old presented with a non-healing infected ulcer on his medial malleolus sized 13 x 8 cm 1 year after an ortho implant. Dr. Marunraj utilized Medifil® II and Skin Temp® II to prepare the wound bed to apply split-thickness skin graft (SSG).

Application of Collagen Products:

After thorough wound care, the initial application of Medifil® II Kollagen™ & SkinTemp® II Kollagen™ sheets started on 9/14/2022. Collagen dressings were covered with non-woven gauze dressing. The patient received 4 dressing changes before viable granulation tissue was ready for SSG application.

Clinical Outcomes:

Wound received SSG 9/28/2020.

Clinical Study References: