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Wound = Trick … Collagen = Treat?

Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and Child’s Play will have victims falling left and right on sharpened welded blades with intentions to slice, maim and kill. The franchise films boost up to 300+ stabbings, sliced throats and deep killer gouges.

Maybe some of these victims could have been spared if they had Human BioSciences (HBS) Kollagen products handy.
As Michael, Freddie and Chucky moved on to their intended targets those unintentional bystanders could have been treated with a quick hemostatic agent like Medifil particles with the most surface area of collagen to fill in those long incisions to help stop bleeding faster. Particles help to minimize fluid loss and with an easy application that can accelerate healing by at least 50% faster than traditional gauze.
Halloween is a holiday filled with decorating the house with hanging decor and carved pumpkins galore sending some of you to seek medical attention. Be sure to ask for your Halloween Injury Saver HBS products like Medifil™ Collagen Particles and SkinTemp™ Collagen Sheets for quicker recovery. Never let them wrap you like a mummy with some just old gauze.
Contact to prevent your Halloween troubles from becoming a nightmare.

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