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Which wounds should Medifil® II Collagen Particles be used with?

Which wounds should Medifil® II Collagen Particles be used with?

Medifil® II Collagen Particles are intended for the management of burns, sores, blisters, scrapes, ulcers, and other wounds. Particles provide the maximum amount of collagen surface area to the wound bed surface. The flexibility of the particles to get into deep and irregular shapes makes Medifil® II ideal for the most complex cases.
Medifil® II Collagen Particles bioactively interact with the wound microenvironment on a cellular and molecular level, assisting the body’s natural healing process. Medifil® II is 100% non-hydrolyzed type 1 bovine native collagen. Human BioSciences, Inc.’s proprietary Kollagen™ technology process protects and retains significantly more native triple helical protein structure, thus allowing superior stability of the molecule and scaffolding through all four phases of wound healing.

Indication for use:

Are there any wounds you should not use collagen particles on?

Yes, Medifil® II is not appropriate for third-degree burns or patients with bovine sensitivities. Wounds that are extremely dry may not be appropriate. Consider using HBS Collatek® Collagen Gel which donates moisture while providing collagen molecules to the wound bed. However, Medifil® II may be compounded with normal saline or hydrogel to create a moist paste which can be applied with a sterile tongue depressor or cotton-tipped applicator. Remember all vials are intended for one-time use and the package is only sterile until opened.

How do you apply Medifil® II Collagen Particles?

  1. Start by cleansing the wound with mild soap and water. saline solution or wound cleanser.
  2. Stop any bleeding by applying gentle pressure with a clean gauze pad or cloth
  3. Fill the wound entirely with Medifil® II Particles.
  4. You can sprinkle up to ¼” thickness of powder to fill the space.
  5. After application cover with a dry clean bandage to keep the wound clean and prevent infection.

Product Removal:

  1. Change dressing when the bandage becomes wet with drainage or soiled
  2. Remove the bandage, and repeat the steps under product application including cleansing.
  3. Use Medifi®l II Particles until the wound is fully healed.
  4. If particles become adhered to intact or dry areas, simply saturate during the cleansing process until they are flushed out of the wound.

How do you determine how often dressing changes should occur?

Medifil® II Collagen Particles can stay in place for up to 7 days if the cover dressing is not soiled and the border is intact. Collagen particles can absorb 40-60 times its weight in fluid. As wounds heal the expectation is the wound will produce less exudate over time and drainage can help determine dressing change intervals. If the wound is producing enough drainage that the cover dressing is saturated, that timing would be appropriate initially. Upon dressing change when the wound appears dry, the interval can be extended. Follow your facility protocols as a basic recommendation.
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